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Electronic rust protection from CounterAct is designed to work where others can't!

CounterAct CPR (Corrosion Protection Resources) electrostatic rust protection systems are an active rustproofing  technology and so belong to a class of industrial rust protection or rustproofing & corrosion prevention methods and techniques loosely classified as electronic rust protection or electronic corrosion protection. Traditional electronic rustproofing includes "impressed current cathodic protection" & "anodic protection". While CounterAct's electrostatic corrosion control technology can, in a general sense, be considered to be associated with this family of electronic rust protection & corrosion protection methods, CounterAct builds on traditional electronic rust protection technology and CounterAct technology actually begins where traditional electronic rust protection methods leave off. Traditional electronic rust protection methods, such as "impressed current cathodic protection", were developed for buried or submerged environments and have been tested and proven in various industries for over half a century with petroleum extraction and recovery and maritime industries in particular enjoying the benefits of this corrosion proofing technology.

CounterAct electronic rust protection is demonstrably different from these more traditional forms of electronic rust protection because it was designed from the outset to operate in a free open air environment unlike traditional electronic rust protection methods which require a relatively abundant moisture content in a continuous layer on or near the metal object being protected. The point is the ability of traditional electronic rust protection to inhibit rust and corrosion ends at the waterline or the earth's surface just where CounterAct's corrosion protection capacity begins.

It cannot be overemphasized that CounterAct is a novel technology not a warmed over half-century old rust proofing technology nor a futile attempt to adapt traditional electronic rust protection to an environment where even the novice corrosion scientist or engineer clearly understands it is inappropriate.

CounterAct electronic rust and corrosion protection, a patented process

The truly unique quality of the CounterAct electronic rust control method is demonstrated by the nature of the original CounterAct patents which not only covers our electrostatic corrosion control devices but the actual electronic process governing these devices as well. A warmed over traditional electronic rust protection process would not be granted a patent of this type and scope. Lest anyone think that we are disparaging the tried and true technologies that makes up traditional electronic rust proofing, this is not the case. Traditional electronic rust proofing, as stated above, has a well proven track record of half a century of rust control in protecting buried and submerged metal objects. Also, as with any technology that has existed unchanged in its most basic applications for so long, traditional electronic rustproofing has essentially been perfected after half a century of "debugging." Clearly traditional electronic rust protection has its role. That role however is rust and corrosion control in buried and submerged environments.

We are aware that from time to time various attempts have been made to apply traditional electronic rust proofing or rust control methods to applications above ground or above the waterline. Some of these attempts have been valid scientific studies aimed at determining whether traditional electronic rust protection methods could be adapted or modified to free air environments. Other attempts at utilizing traditional electronic rust protection in free air environments have been the result of scientific ignorance on the part of those attempting to employ it. Regardless of whether legitimate scientific inquiry or misguided misapplication was behind these attempts, to date attempts to employ traditional electronic rust proofing in above ground or non-submerged environments have proven futile.

CounterAct specializes in the development and application of our own patented and proprietary electrostatic corrosion control technology. CounterAct employs this technology not only in our "off the shelf" electronic rust protection products for vehicles and static structures, that you may view elsewhere on this site, but also in specialized custom rust control and corrosion control applications through our consulting division. In the event that your application is buried or submerged and lends itself to the more traditional electronic rust proofing methods such as cathodic or anodic protection we will be happy to refer you to a reputable corrosion engineering consulting firm that specializes in these methods. Alternately CounterAct is called upon from time to time to devise "hybrid corrosion protection systems" that employ our technology to protect open air structures as well as more traditional electronic rust proofing methods to protect the portion of the object which is buried or submerged. So although the application of our own proprietary electronic rust protection technology makes up 99% of our rust and corrosion control projects, we can and do utilize more traditional methods of electronic rustproofing when the job requires it and when the customer specifies that CounterAct do all design or installation work directly rather than sub-contract other firms to do so.

If you've found our site you are obviously interested in CounterAct and in corrosion and novel methods of corrosion control. Make sure to check out What's CounterAct Electronic Rust Protection? and our What is Corrosion? page. If your curious about how thoroughly we have tested CounterAct check out our CounterAct's Testing page also. If you're looking for passenger motor vehicle rust protection check out Our Products and if you would like to read about what others have said regarding CounterAct electronic rust protection don't forget our Magazine Articles page. We at CounterAct hope you find your visit to our site educational and informative. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries. Thank you for your interest.

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Patents for both device and process

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